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Frequently Asked Questions...

1. How long does it take to tile wet areas (bathroom, ensuite, laundry)?

It takes approximately 5 days, there are generally 5 stages.
Day 1. Screed floors and brick up bath/s
Day 2. Waterproof the showers, this is Australian standard. But I recommend you waterproof the entire bathroom/s.
Day 3. The wall tiles are then laid first to avoid the floors getting damaged.
Day 4. Floor tiles are then laid.
Day 5. Finish bottom rows of walls, grout, silicon and clean up.Jury Tiling Adelaide's Tiling Specialists
2. How long does it take to tile the living area?

Based on an average 60m2-110m2 living area, will take around 3 days.
Day 1. Measure up the floor for tiling, apply primer . Commence tiling.
Day 2. Finishing laying the tiles.
Day 3. Grout and silicon, and "clean up".
3. Where can I see your work?

We regularly tile show homes for major housing companies.
Please contact us to find out where the latest show home is located.
4. How much notice do you require and how booked are you?

We are one of Adelaide's largest tiling businesses. We can get an experienced tiler to your
house within 2 weeks. In emergency cases in a day or 2.
5. Can you tile over tiles or over wooden floorboards?

Yes, you can tile over tiles and also over wooden floor boards. There is more preparation involved with floorboards, I recommend laying cement sheets before we tile over them. This will prevent the tiles and grout from cracking if the wooden floor boards expand.
6. Does your work come with a guarantee?

Yes, our tiling work and products we use come with a 10 year guarantee.
7. Can tiles be driven on in a carport / entertainment area?

Yes, there are different grades of tiles that you can be laid in these areas. So you would need a heavy duty tile.
8. Where do you buy your tiles and other tiling products?
We get all products and tiles from Beaumont Tiles. But there are also many other stores available in Adelaide.



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